The shirt that Georgina lent his sister Ivana in El Hormiguero

Meet Cyrana, the creators of the shirt that Georgina Rodríguez lent her sister Ivana during her interview in El Hormiguero.

Georgina Rodríguez took this shirt for the first time during the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, when he traveled during the group stage to support Cristiano.


This same shirt was used by Ivana Rodríguez, Georgina's sister, during her visit to the anthill. 

Georgina and his group of friends in El Hormiguero

Cyrana is a clothing brand designed and manufactured in Asturias. Its main objective is to provide a high quality product and be a good company for the world and for people living in it. That is, do everything possible to take care of the planet and have a sustainable business model.

For this, a product with high quality materials is designed and manufactured, with artisanal labor of the country of origin (Spain).

Official page of Cyrana.

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Official page of Cyrana.