know us

Who is Cyrana

Elisa Álvarez García, "Eli", that is how he likes them to be called, born in Asturias in 1981. His passion was to draw and create.

However, he graduated in economics, and after more than a decade traveling through the world dedicated to consulting, he decides to devote himself to his great passion: fashion.

It spends a year giving her ideas until Cyrana was born in 2017. Her first collection is of very daring colored coats, a collection that she sold herself thus getting her first customers.

Given the success of his first collection and the growing demand, he dares with his second collection, this time he adds to the coats other pieces: sweaters, dresses ... Everything done in Spain. And launch its online sales page.

The third collection is sold at more than one hundred points of sale and opens its own monomarca boutique in Oviedo responding to its national expansion plan.

Risk and versatility is what their designs, comfort and daring define themselves in different artisanal garments with a style that is quickly identified as "Cyrana."

Cyrana Women's fashion. Clothes. Winter. Luxury. Trend. Collection. New. Original design.


About us

Designed and manufactured in Spain, Cyrana is a brand that fuses perfectly with a modern, elegant and sophisticated woman who reaches the glamor effortlessly, of a single blow.

 We mix exquisiteness and daring, Cyrana offers designs that capture the essence of contemporary fashion. Each design offers avant -garde versatility that combines luxury with the casual so that the transition from day to night is made effortlessly.

 A Cyrana, it is a piece that you can keep in your closet season after season and will always make you feel current.


What is our mission

Our mission means looking beyond our brand and beyond today. It means being a good company for the world and for people living in it. It means doing everything we can to take care of our planet to ensure a sustainable future for coming generations.

All this is important, for us as a company and for us as people.

We focus on manufacturing the best product of its kind through the use of materials and skins of the highest quality, to ensure to deliver a product that works with the best capacity, when and where it is used.

We bet on transparency at the origin of our materials, as well as the labor of our country.

Our garments define a handicraft without concessions, the luxury of the city, resisting the climates of spring in Paris, the Ibizan winters, autumn in Asturias and the winters of New York.