Cyrana: This is the blazer that is on sale and you will not want to take off.

Find it in the Chaquetas and Blazers section, the American who will take the whole season.

The sales have already come to an end but we still want to take advantage of the discounts until the last minute. Luckily, there are alternatives to continue taking advantage of these discounts. Some sales remain in our favorite stores until the entire stock is over and during this period, you can always opt for different options to renew our closet fund. The difficult thing is to find these garments, since they may not be in the sales section.

When new season arrives, the garments of our closet go through different phases: the new ones, those that remain in our closet and those that we will remove permanently. Therefore, during the new season, we will have moments of reflection in which we will decide which of them are going to stay with us and which are not.

That is why we have focused on proposing timeless garments, which can remain in our closet forever. Besides dresses, Blazers have been very successful in past seasons:

The stripe American that we loved a while ago, but now with different tones and at a smaller price. A timeless garment made with high quality materials that you will never tire:

Blazers, along with the gabardines, are becoming the new entertainment coats. You will need these garments during the days that cool, since it is always important that your clothes adapt to temperature changes.

All these American and many more options that can fit us to meet our needs, are on the page of Cyrana, in the section of clothes.