The intention and spirit of responsibility are reflected very well in one of the definitions of responsible for Oxford Dictionary: "Morally is responsible for the behavior of each one." Not only farmers, but also the brands and members of the supply chain must fulfill their obligations to respect the five freedoms of the animals that provide them with their down and feathers, and fulfill the confidence of consumers who choose Cyrana products .

Saga furs skin

All cyrane skin is ethically obtained from a Saga Furs certified provider where traceability and transparency throughout the production chain is a key value. The breeding of livestock animals is based on a continuous investigation on the behavior and well -being of animals. Scientific research guarantees that animals receive the best possible care throughout life and reproduction process.

Together with this certificate, we are also totally signed to the criteria for reproduction and use of foxes and mapaches. This extensive criterions but includes important aspects such as the temperature of the shed, lighting, cleaning and spatial capacity.
From Cyrana, we condemn the abuse, negligence or contempt for the welfare of animals.