Recommendations and care

Tips and recommendations for garment care


We indicate important tips for the care of cyrane skin coats. The best way to keep skin clothes.

1. To save the garment, always in the freshest closet, we must introduce it previously into a fabric cover so that the skin can perspire.

2. In the event that the water has come into contact and Cuelguela has been wet on a hanger to dry at room temperature.

3. Once dry, it can also be convenient to comb it with a metal pua comb, gently lifted the skin.

4. We must avoid the usual use of certain bags that deteriorate the skin. We will also carefully observe the use of perfume or other chemicals that do not benefit natural skin.

5. To keep your leather coat clean, avoid putting perfumes and lotions when you use it. In addition, alcohol perfumes can cause skin hair to dry and break.

6. It is convenient to remove leather coats when the environment is wet in the street, because being a natural garment this humidity is needed so that the skin does not notice, remember that skin garments are not a raincoat, but not It matters that they get wet, letting them dry by natural means and never expose them to a heat source.

7. If you want to wash the garment, go to situations specialized in skin cleaning.